Membership to the Association is open to all who are committed to the mission of the Association. To be a member of the branch you must join the national association. 

If you prefer to pay in cash or via check/money order print and fill out this PDF form or fill out the form and select paying by cash/money order in the appropriate question.

Pay National and Local Dues

You may pay your national dues online via the ASALH national website or pay your national and local dues together and we will make sure your information is transferred to national

General National and Local Fees
Senior Local and National Membership Fee
Student National and Local Fees
Dual National and Local Fees
National and Local Institutional Fee
Life Individual Membership Fee
Associate Fee
Interim Individual Life Fee

Local Dues

If you paid your ASALH National Dues online and you are only interested in paying your local dues online, use the form below.

General Fee
Local Institutional Dues