African History/Maryland History/ South Carolina History – $500 Award – Global Journey Scholar Contest Students Eligible to Apply through Monday September 20, 2021


The Global Journey Scholars Program encourages students to explore African history throughout the year.  We highlight the vast contributions and influence of Africans and Africans born in America and other countries who have been instrumental in contributing to society and humanity.    All students in grades 5-12 are eligible to apply.

To pay homage to Kunta Kinte and the many ancestors who shared a similar journey during the MAAFA, the August /September Global Journey Scholar will prepare works that examine the importance of remembering history through names. 

Today, in the state of Maryland, there is a township in Prince George’s County called “Mitchellville, Maryland”.  But did you know that in 1862, a township called Mitchelville was formed in South Carolina?  Names have always been important to African, Gullah and American traditions.  It is a way to remain connected to memories and energy of significant people (i.e., ancestors), important events and historical places.  Many cities, states and countries are currently in the midst of ensuring equity in the recognition, remembrance and celebration of the contributions of people of African descent.

Global Journey Scholar Contest: 

Find out more about the two townships called Mitchelville.  

Compare Mitchellville, MD and Mitchelville, SC.  What are the similarities between the two townships and populations?  How are the two townships different? 


1.  Immerse yourself in being a journalist.  Using the 5 W’s (who, what , when, where, and why) conduct research to find out and report on how Mitchelville SC was established. Remember that it is important to use multiple sources and verify your sources of information.  To share your findings, you may create a timeline, research report, creative visual artwork or video that showcases how the Gullah people of West African descent residing in Mitchelville, SC persevered, maintained and demonstrated West African culture and traditions when they created their own community in SC. 

2.  Immerse yourself in being an architect.  Design your vision of what the next Mitchellville city or town might look like in the future.  What might you and your team of engineers, construction workers, city planners and other members of the project team consider as your  begin the design project.  Think about the current design of Mitchellville, Maryland.  What are some considerations that would be important to you and future generations who would live there to foster healthy communities that serves the needs of the citizens of the future.  For example, if you had control of city planning, where would you place residential communities?  What style of communities would you have?  How would you build environmental sustainability into your city model?   How would you ensure that you have the proper infrastructure for transportation, public health and educational systems?  What role would animal rights play? Where would potentially displaced animals be relocated to in your design?

Due to COVID-19, the Global Journey Scholars Award portion will be virtual.  Kunta Kinte Heritage Festival will announce the winner live at the event and a recording will be posted to the Kunta Kinte Heritage Festival  and Global Journey for Children websites and social media.

All submissions are due September 20, 2021 by 11:39PM EST. 

Criteria and eligibility guidelines are available on the Global Journey Scholars Page on the website.

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